• White dog sitting in the Quilted Calming Bed
  • Quilted Calming Bed with free blanket and cuddly toy
  • Bottom of the Quilted Calming Bed, non-slip
  • White dog sitting in the Quilted Calming Bed
  • Quilted Calming Bed with free blanket and cuddly toy
  • Bottom of the Quilted Calming Bed, non-slip

Quilted Calming Bed + FREE Blanket and Cuddly Toy

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Provide your pet with the most comfort with our comfort bundle by getting them our Quilted Calming Bed. The cuddle bundle is what will bring maximum peace to your pets sleep and resting sessions. It will keep your pet extremely warm and cozy on those cold nights due to the super soft polyester and superior fleece free blanket. It is perfectly stitched to prevent liquids breaching the inner lining and the non slip bottom stops the bed from moving around on slippery surfaces. The fabric is very breathable meaning it will not smell. Say no more to bed beds that are uncomfortable and don't allow your pet to get the rest they deserve. The Quilted Calming Blanket is the best bed on the market.

Ultimate Comfort and Anxiety Relief

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Anxiety Reduction

The super soft material of the calming bed works wonders in reducing anxiety for pets. Its comforting texture creates a cozy and secure space that helps soothe their nerves, providing a sense of reassurance and tranquility.

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Enhanced Relaxation

With the calming bed's plush and gentle surface, pets can unwind and achieve a deeper state of relaxation. The soft material cradles their body, promoting a calm and restful sleep, which is essential for their overall well-being.

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Improved Sleep Quality

The calming bed's softness and comfort contribute to improved sleep quality for pets. By providing a dedicated space that meets their need for security and comfort, it helps them relax and enjoy uninterrupted sleep, leading to increased energy levels and overall health.

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Versatile Usage

The benefits of the calming bed extend beyond the home. Its portable design allows it to be easily transported, making it an ideal companion for travel or visits to unfamiliar environments. Whether it's a car journey, a stay at a friend's house, or a trip to the veterinarian.

The Cuddle Bundle

Experience ultimate pet comfort with our exclusive Cuddle Bundle, featuring the Quilted Calming Bed, Blanket, and Toy.

Your furry friend will embark on a journey of pure relaxation as they nestle into the plush Quilted Calming Bed. Unmatched in comfort and value, this bed stands alone in providing the perfect haven for your pet's tranquility.

Indulge your pet with maximum comfort and serenity, knowing they deserve only the best. Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity to pamper your beloved companion. Order your Cuddle Bundle today and elevate your pet's relaxation sessions to new heights.

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Did You know?

It is common for dogs to suffer from anxiety

Dogs can suffer from separation anxiety which is caused when they're owner leaves and they are all alone. Dogs can be very attached to their owners and when they are not there it does impact them which many people do not know about. When dogs are suffering from separation anxiety they continuously bark and pant. Things can be done to put them into a more calm state. A big factor that helps is what they are sleeping on. Like us, dogs like to sleep on the most comfortable thing they can lie on. Our Quilted Calming bed is perfect for them if they do suffer from anxiety. Its super soft and provides extreme comfort. Get yours now and your pet will be thanking you!

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Revolutionary Design Advantages

1. It is machine washable and has a detachable cover.

2. It's super soft material provides a calming presence to your pet.

3. Comes in three sizes making it suitable for any pet.

4. Made with premium quality polyester giving it a long lasting lifetime.

5. The fabric is very breathable meaning it won't smell.


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