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  • Kitter - Wood Pellett Litter - Happy Paws Australia

Kitter - Wood Pellett Litter

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How to apply the litter

Making sure you are doing it correctly


Pour the litter into the litter tray to a recommended depth of around 5-7cm. This depth provides sufficient coverage for your pet to dig and bury their waste comfortably.


Monitor the litter box daily and promptly remove any soiled waste or clumps using a scoop. Kitter litter forms solid clumps when in contact with liquid, making it easy to identify and remove the affected areas.


As the litter is used, top up the tray with fresh Kitter litter to maintain the recommended depth. This helps to ensure optimal absorption and odor control.

Discover the Purrfect Secret

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Superior Odor Control

The wood fibers used in Kitter litter have excellent odor-absorbing properties. They help to trap and neutralize unpleasant smells, keeping the litter box area fresh and odor-free.

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Wood Pet Litter has excellent absorbency, allowing it to last longer compared to some other litters. This longevity helps to reduce the frequency of litter changes and provides cost savings over time.

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Gentle on Paws

The soft and lightweight nature of wood litter makes it gentle on your pet's paws. Cats with sensitive paws or those who prefer a softer texture will find Kitter litter comfortable to use.

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Natural and Biodegradable

Made from 100% natural wood fibers, making it an environmentally friendly choice. It is biodegradable, which means it can easily break down and return to nature without causing harm to the environment.

Australian Made

1. Odour control with a fresh pine scent

2. Highly absorbent

3. No chemicals added

4. Dust-Free

5. Raw materials are sourced from renewable plantation timbers

6. Naturally occurring anti-bacterial oils in the wood, assist with odour control

7. 1 kilogram of Kitter can absorb over 3 litres of liquid waste

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